We have moved


and the house is still a mess, there is so much stuff to sort but the living areas and the boys rooms are pretty much sorted now.  Such a busy time when you move but to do it at the start of December when its super busy anyway has made it long and tiring.  I have had many late nights trying to get things sorted and now Im in the mood for getting presents wrapped and have teacher gifts to bake and wrap so the house gets done little bits at a time.


Enjoying the sun when its here, love eating dinner out on the deck

Slowly catching up on project life

Slowly catching up on project life

Cristmas tree is up

Cristmas tree is up


Scrapbooking room still has a bit of work to be done on it


Boys watching a dvd while we sort, clean and tidy


We are moving


and will be in our new home at the start of December just in time for christmas.  The boys are so excited and cant wait to be in a house and see Johnny every day.  im very excited to be starting this new chapter in our life and with the most amazing man ever.  This really has been my year and good things have happened this year, very exciting things.  The new house has room for me to have my very own scrapbooking room, so exciting to have a whole room for scrapbooking.  At the moment i have a small corner of the dining room and call that my scrapbooking space so a whole room is going to be so nice.  I’m in the process of painting a cupboard to go into this room and then there are a few more bits of furniture that I want to get painted before moving to our new home.  Busy times ahead, but great times too.

my new scrapbooking space



..anyone there.  I know its been a while since I have posted on her, a long while.  I have had good intentions to post and have uploaded photos and sat here ready to write but then just couldn’t be motivated to do it.  So a catch up on what we are doing.  The boys are growing up so fast and have changed so much in the last few months.  Steven has just had his 12th birthday…..really 12 already when did that happen, I’m starting to feel old.  Liam will be 10 at the start of next year.  We are already in term 4 which is hard to believe as it didn’t seem that long ago that the school year was starting.  Steven has been doing really well at school and I’m very proud of how well he is coping with lots of things.  There is still the odd bit of bullying going on but his teacher is good at getting onto sorting it out straight away, she communicates well with me and keeps me informed which is fantastic.  Stevens favourite subject is PE and his PE teacher is the same one I had when I was at school many years ago.  Steven also enjoyed wood work and made a little tool box, Johnny plans on making a bigger tool box and other things with both the boys.  Liam has joined in with a few extra school activities this year which is great to see.  He was in the school mathex team which he really enjoyed.  His team was 13th out of 39 which I thought was fantastic, he is hoping to be there again next year.  He is now in the school choir and will be singing in the town hall for the kids for kids happy days with Suzanne Prentice, he is looking forward to this as he loves his music.  There have been a few bumps along the last couple of months but we have had some really exciting stuff happening around here too, stay tuned :) Here are a couple of photos just so this isn’t a totally boring post….its a post though that’s the main thing.

Liam down by the river

Love this photo of Steven, he is looking so grown up

Liam got a second for his chicken pair at Pet Day this year

At the beach

Not a too bad of a photo of me, Liam was the photographer

At the beach, names was our theme for this day


Swap your scrapbooking stash


A little while ago Mandy organise this swap your stash, I thought it would be good to get some new goodies and pass on some of my stash that I dont use anymore.  Mandy was my swap partner and she really does know me well and what I like.  I love all the bits she sent me and there were lots of goodies, I felt very spoilt when my package arrived.  Studio Calico is my favourite by far, love alphabets always use them no matter what project Im doing.  It was fun to do this and I enjoyed making a couple of books for Mandy that she wanted.

Thanks Mandy love all my goodies

I know I dont blog much at all these days, have been busy with life but will TRY to get back to blogging at least once a week……stay tuned



..has come and is nearly gone again.(Updated  since starting this post February has past and we are now in March)   The days are going so fast it will be Xmas before we know it.  We had another great weekend with Johnny.  It was our first weekend with all of us together for the whole weekend and I think at the end of it we were all tired.  The boys loved that Johnny let them play darts and they followed all the rules that they were told which was great.  There was very little fighting and being upset about not being the winner, there is so much competition between these two sometimes it really does my head in.  On Saturday afternoon we went to Xtreme Entertainment at Botany Downs.  The boys had loads of fun, enjoyed a game of tenpin bowling and then some of the other games.   I learnt after watching Johnny and Steven throwing a rugby ball around that Stevens ball skills are a lot better than I thought they would be.  Liam still no keen to join in with the ball throwing but enjoyed the darts.  I love watching Johnny and the boys playing these games together, its something special for me to see them bonding with each other.  In my eyes it takes a very special man to accept me AND my boys, to enjoy our weekends together but also weekends with the boys there.  My heart is filled with happiness and love, and I feel like the luckiest person to have found such a wonderful guy.

Liam had a birthday this month and is now 9years old……really dont know how that happened.  As for next year he will be 10 and Steven will be 13…that is scary, I’m starting to feel old.  He had a good birthday although I didn’t get to see him till sunday night as it was his weekend at his dads, it was the first time that I have not had the boys on their birthday morning and had them come into my room to open their presents that wait for them at the end of my bed.  The boys get to pick what they want for dinner on their birthdays so we did that on the Monday night and we all went to McDonald’s.

Steven has settled well into school.  He has been walking to and from school most days which is great, I didn’t think he would settle in so quickly so it has been really nice to see him accepting/transition so well.  There has been a few bad days and last week one with some bullying going on which annoys me so much.  Steven is so innocent in so many ways still and he wouldn’t know how to react to a bully other than get upset.  Bullies are just cowards in my eyes with nothing better to do than pick on the weak to get a thrill.  I think bullies have always been my biggest worry for Steven.  At primary school every one knew Steven was different but he was just Steven and that’s how he was, they knew you couldn’t say its raining cats and dogs today because he would then expect it to rain cats and dogs.  Even I find I say the wrong things from time to time and it gets him so frustrated, he takes things so literally but then sometimes i think so off the odd habits/behaviour are so practically sometimes.  The school is onto sorting this issue out and I even had his home room teacher ring me from home after she had finished her school day…thats a great teacher in my eyes.

Another 5 weeks and then we are at the end of term 1 already.  Summer is over although yesterday was a stunning day and I even had shorts on for the whole day.  Not long till the boys trampoline will need to come down for the wet, windy winter months.  Washing inside on the airing racks all the time and the heat pump going wishing for the warmer summer days to hurry and come back. But the biggest plus to winter is that with all that wet weather its a good reason to be inside scrapbooking.  I have lots of new projects i want to get started and work on over the next few months.  I have not done a lot of scrapbooking lately but really want to get back into it and do more 12×12 layouts.  I have been keeping up to date with project life and have a photo for every week so far with no gaps.  Have been working on some of my smash albums and really enjoying playing around with them, Thanks Mandy for helping me get these.  I know I have said it before but ‘Im really going to try and keep this blog updated more often than once a month, I will be back with photos soon.

Johnny and I got take aways for dinner and headed down to the river to eat, it was a nice way to end the week and with great company.  Next summer we will bring the boys down here and have dinners or picnic during the days it was really nice.



Yes I know I was going to try to get on here and update this blog more often, it will happen one day.  We have been busy and there are lots of things happening around here at the moment.  Steven has settled really well into school, a lot better than I had expected him to.  There are still the odd bad day but all in all he is doing really well.  We had one day the other week where he misunderstood the teacher who told him he could go and he took that as he could go home.  Not good for the heart to get a phone call from the school at 12.40ish to let you know that your son has left the school grounds and they have teachers looking for him but wanted me to come down and see if  I could help……………all sorted and teachers have all been talked to about how they word things as Steven takes things literally.  His home room teacher is so good and seems to really understand his needs which is great.  After Steven having the same teacher for the last 3 years I was worried about having a new teacher and what they would be like but she is great.

Liam is enjoying being at his school without Steven.  He has the same teacher he had for year 3 and she is a fantastic teacher(Steven had her for  year 3 as well).  Liam has left for camp this morning the weather was not good but it has cleared up now so hopefully he has a good 3 days away.  Then its home on Friday for a couple of hours and then off to their dads for the weekend.

New changes for me, I have met a wonderful guy who I have been spending a lot of my spare time with.  He met the boys this weekend just gone and they got on really well which was great. This photo of Johnny and I outside that Liam took will be making its way into project life.  The boys look forward to seeing Johnny when he visits and they enjoy each others company.  I’m so HAPPY and look forward to seeing what the year has to bring us.  I have been so busy enjoying the company of this guy that I have not done much scrapbooking but I hope to get back into that in the next couple of weeks and even get some photos of the two of us scrapbooked.

Yesterday for Valentines Day I got these, I don’t own a single vase so went out today and got one.  These and a box of chocolates, perfect and a nice surprise.

Welcome 2012


Happy belated New Year…it has been some time since I last blogged….good things take time they say.  I have come on here and sat down ready to blog but then just couldn’t be bothered.  There have been many things to blog about and I might catch up and still blog about them but most likely I wont.  One of the biggest things that have happened is that Steven finished primary school, it is going to be a big change for all of us.  Steven has done so well in the last few year at school and having the same teacher for the last 3 years has help with that.  Having the same teacher meant there is not that first term getting to know each other, Steven getting use to routines etc… he could go to school and know what to expect, he knew the days that his teacher wasnt there and when there was going to be a reliever.  Last year he really like his reliever teacher and that made a big difference as well.  I know I’m not ready for this change but I have to show Steven that I am and he seems to be happy enough about this new change and ready for the challenge.  I think it will be really good for the boys to be at different school, I’m sure with Liam being the oldest(only) one at primary school will give him the chance to grow within himself and to boost his confidence a bit.  They will have two years apart before they will be back at the same school.  I managed to make it through the school prize giving and everyone standing to clap the year 6 out with out crying.  Cant say I made it through that last day though, Stevens teacher started talking about how well Steven has done and he was saying how much he has enjoyed having Steven in his class for the last three years and that was enough to get the water works going.  Letting go is a hard thing to do that’s all I can say.

On a brighter note I have been scrapbooking, 12×12 layouts too not just little off the page stuff or project life.  Last year I didn’t do many 12×12 layouts at all and this year I want to get back into doing them.  I love project life and I’m doing it again this year but I love the 12×12 and standard scrapbooking as well.  I also want to get in front of the camera more this year and I want to use my hand writing more rather than using the computer for journalling.  These are both big challenges for me as I don’t like either of them.  I want my kids to be able to look back and see me as being part of their memories and see me there in the photos with them not just behind the camera telling the story.  I still love the basic, straight lines on my layouts and I don’t think that will every change but im fine with that.  I think simple is good the main focus is the photos and the story and I don’t want to take away form that.